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  • Vasilios Alexiou
    Vasilios AlexiouFirmPlay

    FirmPlay uses videos and photos to take you behind the scenes at companies. While text can tell you a lot about a company, there’s no substitute for videos and photos when it comes to seeing what it’s like inside the four walls of an office. We work with companies to highlight their core cultural traits, and then let the job seeker decide if they’d like to spend more time researching and/or applying to the company. Finally, we developed our proprietary WorkplaceDNA, which lets job seekers search by a dozen individual components that make up a company’s culture, such as work pace, hours, and feedback style, to name a few. By searching and filtering for a company based on the criteria that ultimately impact your day-to-day happiness at work, you can avoid companies that aren’t a fit from the beginning, and invest that saved time in the companies that are right for you.

  • Jessica Angell
    Jessica AngellCabbige

    Cabbige offers web-based business intelligence tools to help small farms increase profitability and ultimately gain entry to mainstream sales channels. We piloted a price optimization solution in summer 2014 that updated farmers on the most profitable price for their crops. The results were a 9.6% increase in revenue across all farms and all products on the platform.

    Our plan in 2015 is to increase the breadth of tools to help farms increase profitability with product & sales channel analysis, as well as the number of farms using Cabbige. Once we’ve achieved moderate scale (300+ farms), farms can elect to have their product/purchase data made available to wholesale buyers.

    Cabbige offers tools to increase profitability for all farms, from 1-1000 acres and will offer additional, strong sales channels for farms that wish to sell through more mainstream wholesale sales channels.

  • Babadee Angwafo
    Babadee AngwafoMettle

    Mettle is a game, not a social network. It taps into the competitive nature in all of us, humans are all intrinsically competitive. The one app where you would go to challenge your friends to something, view friends challenges and score challenges that your friends have posted and completed. Challenge your friends to post a better view than yours. Can your dog do amazing trick? See if your friends pets can do anything better. Have a charity you’re passionate about? Challenge your friends to support your cause.

    • Amrita Aviyente
      Amrita AviyenteDate My Wardrobe

      Date My Wardrobe allows users the option of rent2buy. Currently no other peer to peer platform allows for rent2buy option. We are the first peer to peer fashion rental company to have a mobile app (Launched September 2014)

    • Joe Bates
      Joe BatesSingular Computing LLC

      An “approximate computer” that provides enormous compute capability for big data, machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, and other increasingly important tasks.

      Am actively collaborating with MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley, BAE Systems, DARPA, US Navy to develop application software and prototype hardware that proves the practical value of the technology.

      • Pablo Bello
        Pablo BelloDrinkIn, Inc.

        Founded by two MIT grads (Pablo Bello and George Erickson), DrinkIn is developing a full-stack solution for expedited (one-hour) alcohol delivery in dense urban settings. We will control the whole buying process– from inventory management to ID verification. This month, we secured warehouse space in both Boston and Austin and plan to launch in early 2015.

        Our service targets young professionals and older students (24-35 yr olds) in dense urban settings. This population segment is price sensitive, cares about large product offerings, and seeks the convenience of online delivery. We plan to offer more than the usual selection, focusing on craft beers/spirits and rare goods. We also employ a delivery-only model, which means cheaper costs than traditional retail and an efficient, on-demand delivery system. This guarantees our users get a great selection, affordable pricing, and free delivery— a completely new buying experience.

      • Mario Berruti
        Mario BerrutiCookRadar LLC

        CookRadar is a start-up, free to join community, whose mission is connecting people through homemade food, in the neighborhood.
        Our platform facilitates the match between the desire (or lack) of homemade food (combined with a specific interest like i.e. foreign language, travel advice) and its supply.
        It will allow:
        – foodies to find homemade food they are missing and/or don’t have time or wish to prepare, in their neighborhood;
        – foodies to experience homemade food they never tried before, together with the person who prepares, creating a unique social and cultural experience, in the neighborhood;
        – amateur cooks to do what they like, to earning extra money in the process, and to connect with people in the neighborhood;
        – foodies and amateur cooks to share same interests or learn more about it, in a cozy environment;

      • Charles Beyrouthy
        Charles BeyrouthyLabCloud Inc

        LabCloud Inc. increases the quality of laboratory data and streamlines operations. Built by former laboratory  scientists, our platform incorporates the compliance demands by the strictest regulatory agencies in an intuitive  and easy to use interface that is free for small and medium sized R&D Organizations. We are the first Laboratory Software company to integrate Laboratory data operations with operational E-Procurement. By incorporating this cutting edge technology, we are allowing scientists to have the premier of Laboratory management while providing laboratory consumables vendors an avenue to more effectively sell their products.

      • Tom Boates
        Tom BoatesSage

        Quora does a great job of providing the most qualified answers to your questions from the people who would know the most about how to answer them… but what about if you have quantitative answers? What is an average yearly salary for someone my age? How many times do other people wear a pair of jeans before washing them? How many hours of sleep do other people get on an average work night? Finding answers to these questions that you can trust is a surprising amount of effort, yet we all have moments where knowing the answers to these questions would help shape our decisions or understanding of the world around us.

      • Spencer Bramson
        Spencer BramsonPark Right There

        Park RightThere is a marketplace connecting drivers with privately owned parking spaces, both residential and commercial. Searching for parking can be stressful and time-consuming, so we’ve created a simple platform where owners of private parking spaces can list their space for free, and drivers can reserve it for daily commutes, weekend trips, or a night out on the town. Drivers can rent a space hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, pinning their destination or current location to find parking, saving them the stress and hassle of circling the block. Park RightThere, isn’t just for cities but congested areas like beach towns, near stadiums, festivals, and other high traffic and touristy areas.

      • Eric Braun
        Eric Braun30hands Learning

        Traditional education with a teacher lecturing at the front of the classroom does not engage students enough with the subject matter. Consequently, students do not learn as much or retain the concepts as long. Studies show that people learn more and retain more through experiential learning based on meaningful projects that make concepts relevant. At the same time, traditional teaching does not help students learn valuable 21st Century skills, while deliberate PBL does.

        30hands uses a foundation of project-based learning supplemented with technology to give teachers the power to make learning more relevant. We do this through classroom solutions that use professional development and technology to help teachers learn how to change the way they teach. And because topics like programming and entrepreneurship are natural fits for PBL, we teach how to teach these topics and how to incorporate them into traditional subject areas.

      • Bill Brodnitzki
        Bill BrodnitzkiKindlus

        Kindlus is a relationship management software and analytics company. Our cloud based platform, provides certainty to customer relationship management and sales functions. We tap into large data streams, use big data analytics, organize the information, and pull in third party data sets; to allow clients to better understand critical relationships, objectively evaluate them and take action. Our ongoing analysis measures client/prospect penetration and strength, sentiment, activity and performance, allowing for better alignment and real time action. We effectively map a firm’s customer relationship DNA, identifying growth and trouble areas.

        Kindlus provides a complete picture of an account by tracking, measuring, and reporting on the activities across the account, measuring the network strength, identifying account sentiment and the key likelihood of success. What makes us unique is our ability to leverage common communication protocols so no behavior change or companywide systems deployments are required. Clients can configure Kindlus to work in their environment to align with their protocols and sales processes.

      • Adam Butler
        Adam ButlerEpoque

        Epoque is a hyper-local social discovery app formatted as a gamified solution to interaction with the world around you. We’re driving human to human interaction based on location, time, and intent. Our technology relies heavily on WebSockets, which makes it unique from most other static listings and allows for blazing fast connections. When you shout on Epoque, your message gets broadcast to the entire world and does not require an existing network to connect with people or opportunities.

      • Philip Byrne
        Philip ByrnePipco Toys

        The Puppy Wand is a new kind of dog leash that can prevent dog attacks. It is composed of a flexible strap and a rigid wand section that can be used to protect you and your dog from an aggressive dog that may attack you or your dog. A patent has been applied for.

      • Jeanette Cajide
        Jeanette CajideVinli

        Car manufacturers cannot keep up with technology innovation, making a car you purchase in 2014 technologically outdated within a few months.

        Our solution is a Vinli OBD-II device that is modular and extendible using our backpack technology. Plugging in a Vinli device into a car is as easy as plugging in a USB drive into a computer. Vinli will give a driver access to a list of standard Vinli applications plus access to any application developed by a developer using our platform. For developers and car enthusiasts, building apps and making money has never been easier.

        The average car driver can stay connected with a WiFi hotspot, traffic updates, advanced infotainment, diagnostics and safety features, save gas and money with one simple device and thousands of applications all through Vinli.

      • Ann Chao
        Ann ChaoSonation

        We solve a problem musicians have faced for centuries – the need to play with a full group, but not having the right people around you or the money to afford hiring other musicians (>$50/hr/person). Our technology transforms recordings of the backup sound you need into flexible, smart tracks that adapt to your style in real time, simulating the live group experience. This makes music a ton more fun – especially when you’re practicing.

        Our first app, Cadenza (www.sonacadenza.com) just went live on the iPad in October 2014. It serves students 6th grade and up, teachers, and adult hobbyist musicians playing 9 instruments. We plan to expand into singing and other instruments, different genres of music and to build a platform for anyone to transform their own music into interactive tracks.

      • Jodi-Tatiana Charles
        Jodi-Tatiana CharlesEmbargo List

        There’s a large disconnect between entrepreneurs (the new experts) and media outlets (reputable producers and reporters).

      • Stephen Chiricosta
        Stephen ChiricostaLumina Care Solutions

        LCS’ is the only predictive software platform that decreases the time it takes to select the appropriate antibacterial treatment to less than 24 hours. LCS’ platform integrates patient characteristics, drug properties, diagnostic test results and our proprietary algorithms to help physicians select the right treatment for their patients.

      • Brendan Ciecko
        Brendan CieckoSpotzer

        Spotzer-powered mobile apps give visitors the ability to personalize, optimize, and socialize their museum experience. Spotzer is easy to set-up and unlocks a world of new opportunities and insights. Traditionally, museum’s look to mobile technology is to enrich the experience of the visitor, but we’ll also looking at ways to significantly boost the life-time value of the visitor, increase conversations to membership sign-ups, donation, purchases, and social media traction. We’re also using proximity-sensing technology (beacons) to built new value into the museum visitors’ experience, and the museums’ greater understanding about real-world behavior and data.

      • Matthew Colbert
        Matthew ColbertSpend Consciously

        Spend Consciously aims to be the 21st century reinvention of the nutrition facts label, allowing people to spend their money in accordance with their values, beliefs and priorities. Spend Consciously will provide tools to educate consumers as to how they are spending their money by ushering in a new era of economic, corporate and political transparency. People will be able to scan a barcode with their phone and instantly find out whether or not they support the company behind the product. The mobile app and website will provide consumers with the info they need to make purchasing decisions that align with their values.

      • Suzanne Cook
        Suzanne CookStockSmart

        StockSmart is a FinTech disrupter in Cambridge. StockSmart offers a different – Smarter – way to approach stock selection and portfolio management. StockSmart’s Smart Recommendations and Investment Strategy products make it much easier to make successful, fact-based decisions. StockSmart restores trust with research untouched by human hands: 100% objective, machine-made with artificial intelligence and a family of Finance Apps to make institutional-quality information widely available for the first time.

      • Michelle Darby
        Michelle DarbyRoomzilla

        At Roomzilla, we believe that booking a meeting room should be quick and simple. No one should have to manage the rooms in your space. We’ve built a remarkable solution that allows for just that. Roomzilla is a seamless software the blends into your workflow and increases the efficiency of your rooms. Our tool combines a website in harmony with onsite iPad displays to provide real-time access to reservation and availability information. Roomzilla eliminates the stressful logistics and social awkwardness around conference rooms, allowing everyone to relax and focus on what really matters.

      • Noel Dill
        Noel DillHoppinIn Inc

        HoppinIn provides a service enabling users to create events (Hops) that are then shared with other users. Both users and creators can filter the Hop matching process according to multiple criteria including demographics, location, and areas of interest.

        User creators can be individuals seeking a social experience, individuals or small groups promoting an activity (street musicians), organizations promoting their event (Red Cross blood drive just around the corner!) or businesses promoting their wares or services. All of this can be done in real time, at no or very low cost to the user, and can be finely tuned to the needs of the creator.

        • Nick Dougherty
          Nick DoughertyVerbalCare

          VerbalCare brings the level of concierge experience expected at a 5 star hotel to the hospital bedside. Through a tablet, patients select from personalized picture-based icons to easily communicate with their care teams from topics as mundane as wanting a glass of water to as important as experiencing chest pain. Also, instead of that request being sent to a central station where someone may not be attending, each communication is automatically triaged to the most appropriate and available nursing team member. In addition to the communication functionality, VerbalCare provides value to the hospital by improving patient satisfaction through machine learning, smart surveying, and patient feedback and enhancing engagement through shared goal setting, patient education, and continuous connectivity. Finally, through VerbalCare’s HIPAA secure cloud, patients can communicate with family members inside and outside of the hospital as well as coordinate care at home.

        • Joshua Feast
          Joshua FeastCogito Corporation

          While there has been innovation in different ways of setting up phone calls (virtual call center, hangouts, skype), there are no good solutions that actively intervene to help people interact more successfully at the relational and emotional level. Our lead product, Cogito Dialog, provides a glance-able visualization of speech behavior that is used during phone calls to enhance listening and mirroring skills, as well as how perceptive people are to engagement and distress levels. The net effect of using the tool is more caring and compassionate interactions and higher customer satisfaction, leading to an amplification of metrics across almost any phone based business process.

        • Patrick Feeney
          Patrick FeeneyBitcoin Nation LLC

          Imagine if there was a non intrusive and covert technology that didn’t really change the product and was extremely hard to duplicate, but can trace a product back through the distribution channel. Imagine you as a consumer, knew exactly where the bag you just purchased has been before you put it in your hand. Now there is. Using the cryptography of the Bitcoin protocol, The Filing Cabinet has invented a way to trace, catalogue, confirm, & authenticate ANY product. The Filing Cabinet is placing QR Codes at the point of manufacture on products. These QR Codes hold a public key unique to that product alone and confirmed on the blockchain. The private keys that pair to these public keys are on a super secure server that we control. Any person with our web application can scan our QR Codes and immediately get confirmation information that the product is genuine. The cryptography behind the Bitcoin protocol makes it an absolute certainty that neither a public key nor a private key can be duped into the blockchain without being noticed. Anyone of our products, scanned with our app, can be verified in seconds of its origin and authenticity. 100% guaranteed. Not hack able!!

        • Mike Filbey
          Mike FilbeyCanary

          Canary is the first local online marketplace that offers a scalable, personal, full-service experience for customers. We are also the only local platform that donates a portion of each sale to the seller’s choice charity. Part of what makes us unique is that you can sell anything with Canary. While our focus is on furniture, we commonly sell appliances, work out equipment, swing-sets, and even cars! Selling a video game or a book is easy, you can just put in on eBay or Amazon and ship it in a small box across the country. We make selling a swing-set or a dining room set as easy as selling a book.

          Beyond providing a full-service experience for these sellers we also have a unique human element in which the seller gets to meet the buyer and see the item go to a good home. Below are three recent emails from sellers, highlighting the unique personal experience using Canary.

          “It went terrific….she was awesome and took me by surprise as I was in the door maybe 10 mins eating my teriyaki chicken and up came this lovely lady. She bought it. And its going to Martha’s Vineyard right near my very dear friends in MV who bought all my rockers from my porch and was featured in Yankee Magazine this month with MV campsite homes… You guys are the best and I love doing business with you………thank you, thank you.” – Carol

          “She is picking it up the week of July 21-25 which works fine for me too……..a truly lovely person.
          I love that some goes to Wellspring and explained that all to her and all about you guys too.” – Oni

          “Sale went great. Nicest guy and we heard the whole story of his classroom. He came quite a distance to get it and loved it. He was very happy and it went to the right person. Feel good about it.” – Stephen
          (The buyer was a teacher looking to outfit his classroom with desks from different eras)

        • Kevin Flynn
          Kevin FlynnCommunityRoot Software, Inc.

          CommunityRoot provides online registration management for after school programs throughout the country. We’re making it easier and more convenient for parents to register, schedule and pay for their children’s after school programs while eliminating the administrative nightmare that after school administrators endure with the current paper-based registration status quo.

        • Hannah Freilich
          Hannah FreilichBe Active Together

          BeActiveTogether (BAT) is a two-sided mobile platform that caters to both the individuals who want to exercise and the fitness businesses which facilitate that exercise.   The BAT app uses GPS location and real-time availability to instantaneously connect users based on physical activity preference, shared location (eg. zip code or gym), and schedule.  Within seconds, users will get the motivation and accountability they need to exercise! Gyms and health clubs, on the other hand, can subscribe to BeActiveTogether and gain a customizable channel within the app that will allow their members to communicate seamlessly with each another, as well as with staff.   BAT provides fitness facilities with the opportunity to improve communication, increase engagement, and ultimately, increase retention among their members.

        • Cristina Garmendia
          Cristina GarmendiaOpportunitySpace

          OpportunitySpace is a real estate technology company based in Boston, Massachusetts. By offering an online inventory and marketplace for public sector real estate, we provide access for citizens, real estate developers and investors to a massive, but previously invisible, segment of the real estate market.

        • Garrett Gates
          Garrett GatesMatchOn.co

          MatchOn will make finding a partner and setting up a tennis match as easy as pressing one button and will create a community that caters specifically to what Recreational Players actually want: the ability to easily play a fun match with someone at their ability level. The app removes the traditional friction associated with finding potential partners also enables players to organize or play in events and track their results and progress through a dynamic rating.

        • Keith Gillette
          Keith GilletteTaskTrain

          TaskTrain is the web+mobile app that equips teams to get things right the first time, every time.

          TaskTrain combines the simplicity of checklists, the power of mobile job tracking, and the support of just-in-time training, enabling teams to deliver service quickly & correctly.

          TaskTrain is designed to eliminate avoidable errors in routine work by integrating custom checklists with embedded training into workflow, coordinating team tasks while ensuring compliance, allowing service managers to raise quality, lower rework costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

          Pioneered in aviation, the checklist has demonstrated its effectiveness as a simple, effective, often life-saving measure in such high-stakes endeavors as commercial flight, oil and gas, and medicine. To take one example, in an international WHO study, the safe surgery checklist described by Atul Gawande in his book *The Checklist Manifesto* decreased in-patient deaths by 40% and major complications by 36%. TaskTrain integrates this simple, powerful tool into everyday workflow for any service department or organization, taking best practices that usually sit unread in standard operating procedure manuals and incorporating them directly into work orders/service request assignments as easy-to-follow checklists. TaskTrain allows just-in-time training materials to be embedded into each checklist step, allowing workers to refresh knowledge and skills at point-of use. TaskTrain records the completion of each checklist instance, recording worker identity, timestamps, and field notes, so the results are instantly available and auditable as a process completion record.

        • Jon Gilman
          Jon GilmanBellow

          In the world of mobile, we have assumed that asynchronous conversation will be the dominant means of communication because texting, emailing, and messaging are all perceived as “more efficient” and because “no one talks on the phone anymore”. But we believe that this is fundamentally incorrect because it throws out the baby with the bathwater. Synchronous communication, i.e. actually talking with other people, is a fundamental unit of human society and something that is not going away anytime soon. We just haven’t built the right mechanism for facilitating this type of communication in a world where we are always connected and always on the go. That’s where Bellow comes in. We’re rethinking what it means to connect with someone in today’s frenetic, hectic, and mobile world.

        • Jan Glassman
          Jan GlassmanDaily General Counsel

          DailyGC™ helps the economically underserved community of small businesses that cannot afford a lawyer and who typically address legal-related business issues without a lawyer. We accomplish this by providing affordable, on-site, General Counsel Services on a One Day and Done™ model. After the client purchases a DailyGC™ day via our on-line platform, a highly experienced, former in-house attorney spends a full business day with the client at its office or place of business. We either resolve the client’s legal issues completely or educate and empower the client to proceed thereafter independently.

          Studies have shown that most small business owners do not have access to lawyers when making critical decisions about their companies, often resulting in bad decisions. Particularly in underserved urban communities, these business owners simply cannot afford to hire an experienced, skilled business lawyer, which typically can cost many, many hundreds of dollars per hour. As a result, even when dealing with legal issues that pose a significant threat to their businesses, these small business owners neglect the issues or try to address them on their own, typically making their situations worse and increasing their likelihood of business failure. DailyGC™ responds to this void by providing high-quality, affordable and efficient legal services to small businesses, offering effective legal solutions to business operational problems.

        • Noah Gordon
          Noah GordonJAZE

          If you had a toothache wouldn’t it be great if your dentist got a real-time notification and could then devise the appropriate treatment and schedule an appointment for you remotely? We do this for cars. We’ve built a platform that connects your smartphone to your car so your car will tell you and your repair shop what it needs and when. By inexpensively creating the connected car and an ecosystem to support it, our plan is to make JAZE’s solution the industry dominant brand for in-vehicle diagnostics.

        • Marc Guy
          Marc GuyFaze1

          Businesses seek data as a source of competitive advantage. As the volume, variety, and complexity of data continue to increase, the IT challenge of data sourcing and management distracts businesses from finding value in it. Faze1 is building a data-as-a-service platform for direct marketing that does not require users to have any significant training or specialized skills for generating actionable insight. Our technology is easy to use and execution oriented for allowing marketing professionals to focus on creating informed and highly targeted marketing campaigns. Business users can select customer criteria that is critical to the product or service they’re offering and allows them to identify their target audience with an unprecedented level of accuracy and insight.

        • Sherry Handel
          Sherry HandelEnergy Harvesters LLC

          Energy Harvesters is commercializing a personal electronics mobile power source called the Walking Charger. This off-the-grid device will charge portable electronic device batteries as you walk. Each step a person takes provides a spike of energy which we convert to electricity to charge-up a battery. One hour’s worth of walking with the Walking Charger will charge a Smartphone battery. The Walking Charger will be incorporated within branded footwear products, serving military, commercial and consumer end users.

          The Walking Charger can provide on demand, off-the-grid, battery recharging from your own walking. For the average end user the Walking Charger may be convenient, economical and beneficial. For other groups – the military, recreationalists, outdoor workers and first responders – it could be a critical addition to their tool kit, enabling them to have reliable off-the-grid power. There is a real need to power mobile devices for first responders especially during extended power-down emergencies. Mobile workers, outdoor enthusiasts, and heavy mobile phone users, all need reliable, on-demand power wherever they are.

        • James Hanley
          James HanleynetBlazr

          We would like to roll out a Premium service for large apartment and condo buildings in which we provide consumer fiber-optic internet speeds. We would offer residents of select buildings speeds of 200-300 Mbps. This would be 10-20x what the typical consumer experiences and be 2x faster than anything else in the market.

          This would be a breakthrough offering in Boston, and comes from a local startup instead of the two monopolies. Demand for higher internet speeds has outpaced what it available in the market today. This offering is for anyone that wants the very best of what’s available.

        • Rachel Hess
          Rachel HessBarnum Beverages

          Barnum Beverages is a new company that will produce and sell ready-to-drink alcoholic, mixed-drinks in a box. We believe your alcohol run shouldn’t have to be a marathon so we’ve made a cocktail that you can buy, pour and store all in one box.

          Our product consists of a large quantity (5L) bag-in-box package filled with a spirits-based mixed drink. We cater to young consumers in the alcohol market who are primarily Millennials, roughly ages 21 to 34. Millennial drinkers seek beverages that are high in alcohol content, palatable and convenient to purchase, store, and consume; especially when socializing in large groups. These consumers also place an emphasis on purchasing products that they perceive have a bargain value for the price they pay. Barnum Beverages addresses a pain point in their drinking experience by offering a boxed drink that contains both the alcohol and the mixer separated by a partition.

        • Sasha Hoffman
          Sasha HoffmanPark Right There

          Park RightThere is a marketplace connecting drivers with privately owned parking spaces, both residential and commercial. Searching for parking can be stressful and time-consuming, so we’ve created a simple platform where owners of private parking spaces can list their space for free, and drivers can reserve it for daily commutes, weekend trips, or a night out on the town. Drivers can rent a space hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, pinning their destination or current location to find parking, saving them the stress and hassle of circling the block. Park RightThere, isn’t just for cities but congested areas like beach towns, near stadiums, festivals, and other high traffic and touristy areas.

        • Scott Hyman
          Scott HymanProtobird Games

          Protobird capitalizes on three converging trends:

          1. The explosive worldwide growth of the mobile and digital trading card games.
          2. The proliferation of powerful, inexpensive mobile devices in the hands of younger consumers.
          3. The success of physical “Smart Toy” collectible experiences like Activision’s Skylanders.

          Inspired by the global popularity of Pokémon, Protobird will deliver high-quality collectible trading cards and games, featuring digital interactive Smart Toys, to a wide-open, untapped youth market gap on mobile devices.

        • Jennifer Keister
          Jennifer KeisterSelf: looking for a career change

          Some challenges in analytics benefit not only from well-engineered analytical scripts and well-designed algorithms, but also from a broader analytic perspective that identifies research designs best able to facilitate product development, evaluate outcomes, and assess opportunities, while recognizing which metrics are least prone to bias, and pushing to be sure the data are telling us what we think they’re telling us.

          Put another way – my contribution may focus on “asking the right question” and making sure that the output of a data analytics project “answers the right question.”

        • Jack Kelly
          Jack KellyiRecoverApp

          iRecover is a mobile App that will help people who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction become more connected using their smartphone’s. There are over 23.7 million people in the United States who have admitted to being in recovery and an additional 15-20 million who will eventually seek it. This App will instantly connect all people who are seeking or in long-term recovery with one another. Individuals will be able to find meetings and other recovery related services based off their location. Additionally, iRecover will send push notifications when someone needs instant help and link them with someone in long-term recovery. iRecover will look to create partnerships will local community groups to encourage their clients to connect via iRecover.

        • John Lai
          John LaiVital Medical Data Storage System

          Our solution, Primus, is a Health Information System. It manages and archives patient records that include interrelated radiology image studies (MRI, CT Scan, etc.) and clinical information (electronic patient records, treatment history, CDC health bulletins, etc.). Primus will be a subscription-based SaaS radiology and clinical service for hospitals, ambulatory services, and private clinics.

          Primus simplifies patient record keeping by providing rapid “one stop” service for healthcare providers (physicians, radiologists, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, managers etc.) to archive, access, manage and share patient health information (big data) any time anywhere.

          • Justin Lancaster
            Justin Lancasterhttp://kwikbio.com

            kwiKBio will accelerate biomedical research by more than a factor of 20. kwiKBio will be the only company to (1) provide low-cost access to state-of-the art knowledge assemblies for ANY disease area, (2) convert the returned knowledge into useful visualizations and systems biology models, (3) guide the researcher to the most useful next research goal and (4) enable immediate testing of each next research idea through a variety of 3rd-party contract research laboratories around the world.

          • Valerie Leikina
            Valerie LeikinaFAUXPAS

            FAUXPAS is an app platform that allows shopaholics to rent trendy accessories without limit via monthly subscription service.FP gives today’s shopaholic the ability to shop continuously, have endless variety in her wardrobe, discover new designers, and still save money.
            While the concept of apparel/accessory rentals is no brand longer new, FP uniquely allows members to exchange accessories like Netflix DVD’s (as often or as seldom as desired). Rather than offering rentals as a monthly styling service (which fail often in this market), or as a special occasional complement to buying, FP offers rentals as an alternative to buying: a lifestyle change that has the propensity to change the way women view & spend money on fashion. Akin to the impact that Spotify and Netflix’s have had on music and media, we believe FP has the ability to reshape the fashion industry by transforming how women shop.

          • Joe Lemay
            Joe LemayRocket Innovations, Inc.

            Rocket Innovations is a mobile application and SaaS company that allows users to save, share, stream and collaborate in the digital world, using regular writing surfaces in the real world, and the camera on their mobile device. Want to share your whiteboard with someone in realtime? Just open the Rocketboard app, and rest your iPhone so it has a decent view of your board. As you draw on your whiteboard, Rocketboard enhances the image, removes you when you’re standing in the way, and streams it live to anyone with a web browser.

          • Steve Lewis
            Steve LewisAirPooler

            Private pilots love to fly, but it’s expensive and increases in fuel costs have led them to cut back dramatically on their flying time. People love to travel, but getting around is a hassle. AirPooler solves these problems. We’ve created an online marketplace where private pilots with extra seats can list their flights, and people going to the same places can arrange to fly with them in exchange for sharing costs.  Since passengers pay only their pro-rata share of actual costs, which are quite low for regional destinations, they gain a level of mobility and convenience previously reserved for the very few, at a minuscule fraction of traditional private air. Moreover, compared to driving, one can fly 3x farther in the same amount of time, with less hassle.  Pilots have always embraced ride sharing as a means of defraying costs, but in practice it’s difficult to arrange due to regulatory and logistical complexities, so most seats end up going unfilled. Modern shared economy technology, like that used by of AirPooler, removes these obstacles, making flying private irresistibly accessible and affordable.


          • Kevin Loos
            Kevin LoosCrowdComfort

            CrowdComfort offers a simple, flexible, mobile-first solution that allows building occupants and employees to report real-time geo-located maintenance, health, and safety issues. We aggregate and deliver this information to a management portal where it can be leveraged to improve service levels, lower costs, and identify efficiency opportunities. Our solution engages occupants, eliminates paperwork for facility managers, and saves between $30K and $50K (building case studies to quantify additional savings) per building, per year in operational costs.

          • John Maguire
            John MaguireGranite State Biofuels

            Granite State Biofuels has developed a unique, proprietary and highly compact end-to-end production method for biodiesel production based on technologies most commonly found in biotech research and pharmaceutical production. These technologies provide consistently high quality biodiesel production while maintaining levels of efficiency not found anywhere else in traditional biofuel production. We have also developed the platform to be easily replicable and, very importantly, permitable. This allows for efficient and cost effective scaling through the easy creation of additional distributed plants located closer to resources and end users.

          • Ben Maitland-Lewis
            Ben Maitland-LewisPretty Instant - interactive event photography

            Pretty Instant is a new approach to B2B event photography that’s anti-photobooth, anti-selfie, and is considered by many as the Polaroid 2.0. We specialize in increasing the fun and engagement at events while providing useful analytics, data capture, and social media impact for our clients.

            Our photo teams are mobile and trained to interact with event guests in a fun and friendly manner. We are hired by brands, agencies, and nonprofits to engage their guests to produce high quality branded content that gets shared on the internet in seconds.

            We’re good at:
            – taking photos that people want to share
            – create deeply positive memories for our clients guests by providing them with an enjoyable 50-90 second interaction that leaves them with a fond memory and a digital and/or physical takeaway.
            – boosting our clients social media presence by facilitating and encouraging their guests to share branded photos across their own social networks.
            – instantly branding the photos with custom graphics and/or promotional messaging
            – delivering photos straight to the peoples phones via text, email, or twitter
            – simultaneously sending photos to live updating slideshows or on-site printers
            – averaging >500% open-rate and >100% click-through rates on messages
            – streamlining the process of gathering photo release forms and email addresses
            – training and staffing teams for multiple events in different states

          • Matthew Mausner
            Matthew MausnerWoxxer, Inc.

            Woxxer is an instant 3-metric evaluation tool for any piece of content, embeds anywhere you can touch or click on a screen, and provides immediately useful data on real-time human subjective thinking, reactions, and judgment. Woxxer captures multiple metrics of feedback with a simple, visual interface for clicking on sliding rating scales. The scales are at different angles to minimize biasing, and 3 is the optimal number of subjective reactions in one ‘blink’ of an eye. The value-added data Woxxer captures is immediately quantified, graphically navigable, and actionable. For our customers, they will now be getting meaningful feedback efficiently in places they never were before, and it will streamline and optimize the capture of qualitative data.

          • Lilian Mitchell
            Lilian MitchellRoomzilla

            At Roomzilla, we believe that booking a meeting room should be quick and simple. No one should have to manage the rooms in your space. We’ve built a remarkable solution that allows for just that. Roomzilla is a seamless software the blends into your workflow and increases the efficiency of your rooms. Our tool combines a website in harmony with onsite iPad displays to provide real-time access to reservation and availability information. Roomzilla eliminates the stressful logistics and social awkwardness around conference rooms, allowing everyone to relax and focus on what really matters.

          • Michael Mullen
            Michael MullenKloudPages

            WhitePages.com and similar websites with aggregated contact information contain incorrect home addresses and home phone numbers. They also often cost money and are widely reported to overcharge customers via a subscription membership they never signed up for. Other social networks bombard users with forms of social media like photo albums, videos, resumes, likes, interests, status updates, and much more. This limits who you can connect to on these networks. You can only connect with business professionals on LinkedIn. Facebook is geared towards just social relationships. It is also a multi-step process to get cell phone numbers on these other networks. One KloudPages allows you to send a friend request, your colleague will be notified via push notification, and you can be on the phone talking within a minute.

          • Jonathon Myers
            Jonathon MyersReactive Studios, Inc.

            We are the first company to pursue interactive audio drama, an audio drama in which the listener participates with input that has an effect on the experience or outcomes of the story. This has evolved from our mobile app work that enables speech recognition interaction mixed with responsive audio for a narrative experience of voice performance, sound effects, and music.

            If you can imagine a radio drama or radio play in which the script is something like hypertext fiction or a Choose Your Own Adventure book but the audio experience is designed to flow in a seamless forward-moving dramatic action in which you are a participant. At particular moments in the story you speak your input, response, or answer in order to continue the story, often with a decision framed as an opportunity cost or a choice. Most aspects of dramatic writing or fiction apply (action, character, obstacles, conflict, etc) but the difference is that you (the listener and respondent) are involved.

          • Mugdha Narasimhan
            Mugdha NarasimhanPapaya and Post

            We are offering a mix of commerce and content to make culture more accessible.

            On the commerce lens, our pinnacle produce is “culture trunks”, where we offer toy + language elements + activity book that help children experience a specific facet of culture, e.g. food. Our inaugural product was the “India Roti Adventure” that exposed children to the Indian flatbread. We’ve build the trunks around two characters – twins who are curious and mischievous – who take the child through the adventure. Children learn about other cultures as they have fun, and they get to become the heroes of their own story!

            On the content lens, we are working on building “culture corner” which will include resources on raising globally cultured children – everything from introducing spices to infants, to tips on bilingual children, to “culture cheatsheets” that help parents understand how to celebrate various festivals.

          • Adam Noble
            Adam NobleLifebox

            Lifebox is a web and Android app that uses Q&A to stimulate personal storytelling and connect people in a richer way using digital technologies. Users can explore their lives using thousands of crowdsourced questions about everything from their childhood and love life, to their opinions and goals. They can answer some for a guided trip down memory lane, and send some to spark unexpected conversations with friends. The results teach users about their personalities and how they compare to others with a self-generating profile, and naturally establish the building blocks of their life stories.

            Today, the answers and conversations inspired by Lifebox questions are used to help users learn more about their personalities and show them how they compare to others in a unique self-generating profile. What might be less apparent, however, is that by answering questions, Lifeboxers are catching up their non-digital past to their better-documented current digital lives and inadvertently crafting their life story in the process. Over time, Lifebox plans to help people string together these valuable memories in a cogent format that modernizes the old shoebox full of memories that you might find in your grandma’s attic. Until then, it’s a unique place on the internet where you can be guided down memory lane, connect in a different way with friends, and perhaps most importantly, stop and smell the roses.

          • Yuri Ostrovsky
            Yuri Ostrovskymomedx, inc.

            Our solution enables providers to implement a digital “plan of care” for better patient support and engagement. A powerful cross-platform mobile app for patients to retrieve information, instructions, and labs as well as to book appointments, “text” their provider and share their progress; a streamlined web service for providers to assign customizable plans of care to a patient in just a few clicks and to monitor patients and their progress; a next-generation, highly visual tool to (optionally) enable more sophisticated decision-tree style surveys for progress tracking, automated alerts, and instantaneous feedback to the patient.Our clients (the providers) desire to establish system-wide protocols and standards, yet in practice, instilling such standards is often impractical. Our suite takes away much of the administrative drudgery, making medical practice more efficient while improving patient outcomes and experience.

          • Tim Owen
            Tim OwenNeuroCrunch LLC

            “In the 2030s, if you need some extra neocortex, you’ll be able to connect to that in the cloud directly from your brain. So I’m walking along and I say, “Oh, there’s Chris Anderson. He’s coming my way. I’d better think of something clever to say. I’ve got three seconds. My 300 million modules in my neocortex isn’t going to cut it. I need a billion more.” I’ll be able to access that in the cloud.”
            Source: Ray Kurzweil, “Get Ready for Hybrid Thinking” TED2014

            NeuroCrunch’s “brain extender” application, when combined with the power of smartphones and natural language understanding, will allow you to effortlessly record and instantly recall personal information of people you interact with. Emerging technologies such as Android Wear and Google Glass will make this information available at your fingertips … or your eyeballs … and someday, a nanobot within your brain.

            Our mission is to help you “remember everything about people”.

            Our long-term vision is to connect your human brain to our technology brain.

          • Ester Pescio
            Ester PescioRulex

            Rulex is a predictive analytics platform based on proprietary machine learning algorithms, called LLM.  Rulex offers a portfolio of products, based on the Rulex platform, dedicated to advanced analytics challenges for complex, multi-variable, dinamic data sets. Rulex core technology learns from the past, extracts a model and then applies that model to forecast the future. Unlike all the available predictive analytics tools, Rulex provides a model described by a set of “rules”, which tell very clearly how the system behaves. Rulex is available as software-on-prem (as the largest part of big companies still demand), as OEM modules for quick integration into third party products or pre-existent systems, and as APIs for cloud applications.

          • Ric Pratte
            Ric PratteAlign Meeting

            AlignMeeting is the first sales meeting product focused around helping sales-reps successfully utilize today’s new sales methodologies and tactics of insight selling.

          • Aaron Radez
            Aaron RadezStartup Stir

            We determined that a lot of events are geared at pitch contests or solely networking. Startup Stir is neither. It’s a networking event with a well-curated panel of topics aimed at enriching, educating and entertaining entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs.

          • John Reynolds
            John ReynoldsRF Madison

            Well-fitting, fashionable clothing options for tall and athletic men are extremely limited. Custom suit and bespoke clothing manufacturers represent expensive and logistically-intensive options for fashionable men’s wear that is well-fitting. The pain points of price, transportation to a custom tailor, and/or self-measurement provide limited appeal for tall/athletic men. R.F. Madison will exclusively cater to the tall/athletic males in fashion-conscious 18-35 year old range. Once a shopper enters four simple variables related to his height and weight, our website will automatically populate clothing options specifically for him. We believe this will eliminate the confusion of trying to filter sizes based on preconceived notions of shopping across myriad brands and sizes.

          • Gordon Russell
            Gordon RussellSpringboard Retail

            Springboard offers a robust set of Cloud applications atop its retail platform – all designed to help multi-channel, multi-unit specialty retailers run their business more profitably. Springboard Retail enables retailers to take a data driven approach to driving the right behavior in real time from the C-Suite to the sales floor. While simultaneously lowering IT costs. Springboard is a true web application and is portable across platforms and devices. Our open API allow retailers to seamlessly unite physical and digital retail environments and take leverage existing services they already use. Our mobile POS offering allows retailers to reimagine their physical store layout and provide a modern, lighter weight, distributed POS environment for their customers. Springboard Retail is seeing its customers increase sales and margins.

          • Michael Sattler
            Michael SattlerSplitzee

            We want to make social purchasing (any transaction paid for by a group of people by pooling resources) pleasant, universal, and commonplace. To do that, we designed a versatile platform to provide web and mobile experiences as well as widgets, plugins and APIs for partners – all with an eye to becoming everyone’s trusted, long-term solution for pooling money. Whenever and wherever you buy with a group, Splitzee wants to be there.

            After doing this for a while, we realized something critical: Transacting money between people is the easy part – making people WANT to participate in the transaction is much harder. We like to say that social purchasing is 90% social and 10% purchasing. Our platform

          • Akash Savdharia
            Akash SavdhariaPatheer

            Patheer is a data science and big data analytics company focused on helping people make the best decisions possible for their careers. We aim to do this by aggregating and analyzing all the data we can get our hands on, and then visualize the results so anyone can understand them. This is offered in our big data analytics SaaS career research and planning platform for companies. Employees will be able to effectively research and plan their careers for advancement within the company instead of focusing their efforts externally. Management will also be able to effectively plan for succession and external talent acquisition if necessary.

          • Giuseppe Stuto
            Giuseppe StutoSmack High

            Smack High is a media platform, primarily based on Twitter (with an extension on our own mobile application), that connects high school students in a way never done before. We have created an abstract community on Twitter and amassed over 600,000 daily followers in over 25 states, from coast to coast, and continue to further ingrain ourselves as the “go to” place for high school students to share and interact with each other about all things high school– from sports to how bad the lunch is at their respective school.
            1) For the users, we already provide the most directly relevant, meaningful community presence to high school students. 2) For the prospective advertising partners, Smack High will provide the most effective method of accessing the teenage demographic.

          • Caroline Suttlehan
            Caroline SuttlehanBarnum Beverages

            Barnum Beverages is a new company that will produce and sell ready-to-drink alcoholic, mixed-drinks in a box. We believe your alcohol run shouldn’t have to be a marathon so we’ve made a cocktail that you can buy, pour and store all in one box.

            Our product consists of a large quantity (5L) bag-in-box package filled with a spirits-based mixed drink. We cater to young consumers in the alcohol market who are primarily Millennials, roughly ages 21 to 34. Millennial drinkers seek beverages that are high in alcohol content, palatable and convenient to purchase, store, and consume; especially when socializing in large groups. These consumers also place an emphasis on purchasing products that they perceive have a bargain value for the price they pay. Barnum Beverages addresses a pain point in their drinking experience by offering a boxed drink that contains both the alcohol and the mixer separated by a partition.

          • Tim Thyne
            Tim ThyneAdored

            At Adored we’re creating a product that transforms the way customers are rewarded by businesses. We’re not just making loyalty digital. We’re creating a beautiful loyalty experience where customers are rewarded automatically. No more punch cards, QR codes, or check-in required. All the customer needs to do is walk-in range of a merchant’s beacon. In addition to loyalty rewards customers receive complimentary offers in real time based on their activities. Adored helps merchants offer a beautiful loyalty experience, increase the frequency existing customers visit, and attract the right customers at the right time in the right context. Users are able to get rewarded automatically by participating merchants and have a personalized concierge that can help them discover other places they may enjoy based on their activities in real time.

          • Jeff Valk
            Jeff Valkadmetsys

            The system’s primary competitor is an antiquated standard of care: nurses sample blood, measure glucose, calculate a dosage, and deliver it. Dosage calculators and automated glucose sensors are important half-steps, but fall short of a full solution. Given the sheer scale of the diabetes epidemic, anything short of full glucose control automation simply cannot address the need. The impact of proper glucose control on hospitalized diabetic patients is well-established: it decreases mortality by 34%, reduces infection rates by 46%, and speeds recovery from intensive care by an average of 1.5 days. Without automation, this impact isn’t achievable. By introducing high-precision glucose control automation, we expect to make this generational leap in the standard of care available to hospitals and surgical care centers.

            Admetsys has executed three clinical trials on 50 patients to date, producing data that represent a generational leap in the standard of inpatient diabetic care. Compared to current care, in which nearly half of patients are hyperglycemic and an alarming 10% of patients are hypoglycemic at any time, Admetsys’ technology effects 97% normoglycemic control with complete prevention of hypoglycemia.

          • Abhiram Varadarajan
            Abhiram VaradarajanVarada Innovations Inc.

            Our first product, the patent-pending ArthroTense, is a unique platform technology that enables surgeons to accurately determine suture tension in real time while remaining consistent with current surgical approaches. Our first target is the equine tie-back surgery in the unregulated veterinary market, where up to 40% of surgeries fail every year primarily due to improper suture tensioning.

            Suture tension is critical in determining the success rate for tie-back surgeries. Currently, the suture is tensioned by “feel,” resulting in up to 40% of tie-back surgeries failing. Above a certain suture tension, the tissues can tear and larynx is opened too far, which can lead to aspiration of food, pneumonia, and even death. Below a certain tension, the larynx is not opened enough and the breathing and performance problems persist. There is a clear threshold tension, above which the success rates drop significantly; surgeons consistently over-tension these suture prosthetics, which is a problem the ArthroTense will fix.

          • Peter Wallace
            Peter WallaceMettle

            Mettle is a game, not a social network. It taps into the competitive nature in all of us, humans are all intrinsically competitive. The one app where you would go to challenge your friends to something, view friends challenges and score challenges that your friends have posted and completed. Challenge your friends to post a better view than yours. Can your dog do amazing trick? See if your friends pets can do anything better. Have a charity you’re passionate about? Challenge your friends to support your cause.

            • Jianhan Wang
              Jianhan WangBubble Networks

              We are trying to reduce the environmental impacts of energy generation from fossil fuels by optimizing the use of street lights using an intelligent street slight sensor system. Street lights (road and outside walkway lights) are always on at night, but they are only needed on when people are around them. It will create a similar experience to what exists today for people driving, biking, and walking. It is designed to lower energy consumption and costs for land owners and municipalities who are responsible for maintaining street lights.

              • Eric Wei
                Eric WeiSpeakEasy

                SpeakEasy is speech analytics software that helps individuals improve their speaking skills by providing them with quantified feedback.  SpeakEasy will develop speech analytics software suite that can provide quantified metrics on public speaking and offer recommendations on how to improve speaking.

                For the typical end user who wants to improve his public speaking skills, SpeakEasy will offer a barebones app that produces simplified recommendations on how to improve and feedback that lets the user know whether he is improving or not. The user can practice alone in the privacy of his or her own home.  For public speaking coaches and trainers, SpeakEasy will offer a full speech analytics package that breaks down their clients’ speaking habits to a very granular level through data visualizations and hard numbers. Speaking coaches can use the tool to visualize and quantify the improvements they have made to their clients’ speaking habits, allowing themselves to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

              • Jeff Winsper
                Jeff WinsperBlack Ink

                In the sea of marketing technology tools, Black Ink is the only SaaS offering in the marketplace that provides business level reporting on marketing performance, across the entire enterprise. It creates alignment across CMO, CFO and CEO as Black Ink uses quantitative language for reporting on marketing performance, not qualitative language. And let’s remember, quantitative language is the language of the board room. It provides valuable, real-time insight for CFOs, CROs, and CMOs so they can properly focus investments, decisions and actions to meet the acquisition, retention and upselling revenue targets required.


              • Reem Yared
                Reem YaredHelpAroundTown, Inc

                HelpAroundTown helps youth and adults (re-)launch their careers. Every user has a profile and both parties rate & recommend each other after a job. Jobs are organized by what’s closest to the user, to connect neighbors.  For busy parents and seniors trying to stay in their homes longer, businesses, non-profits, students seeking their first job, adults launching their careers or re-starting their careers after a break, HelpAroundTown is the best place to start in your community, with people already know you.

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