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  • Kimberly Adams
    Kimberly AdamsFlying BridgesThe time has come: CSR 2.0

    Flying Bridges accelerates the creation and delivery of products and services that bridge financial sustainability with social impact. Our consultancy and exchanges create tri-sector growth; we help businesses and organizations move beyond traditional CSR and toward sustainability, shared value, and inclusive practices. How? We define complex social issues into smaller, definable, and measurable problems. We then gather diverse thinkers to explore innovative solutions.

    By maintaining the integrity of each organization’s mission and return on investment we provide our clients with meaningful and measurable action – action that matters to their immediate (shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers etc.) and distant stakeholders (government, non-profits, societies). Our latest NextGEN Exchange, the All Girl Challenge, will increase the near and long term engagement and sourcing of a diverse and inclusive set of female employees, particularly in the STEM fields.


  • William Alden
    William AldenAlden Computer Transport Systems, Inc.Year founded: 12/01/2004cash-cow advanced transportation systems company

    Safe, secure, fast trips in contained complexes such as airports.

  • Vasilios Alexiou
    Vasilios AlexiouFirmPlayYear founded: 04/01/2014Software-as-a-service solution powering content marketing for HR departments

    Employer branding – content marketing for HR – has become an integral part of the recruiting function in the battle for top talent. However, HR managers lack the proper tools to effectively implement and measure the ROI of employer branding efforts. The opportunity cost is huge, as companies who market their workplace effectively benefit from 50% lower cost to hire and 28% lower employee turnover rate.

    We’re developing a first of its kind software-as-a-service tool to solve this problem. We’re working closely with a consortium of top companies to develop the tool and have secured several early paying customers to participate in our closed beta program.

  • Amrita Aviyente
    Amrita AviyenteDate My WardrobeYear founded: 01/01/2014Date My Wardrobe is an to to discover high-end designer collection available near you!

    Date My Wardrobe is a mobile only service which allows you to discover high-end designer stores near you. Using the app users can view stores, browse designer collection available near them and order (rent/buy) through the app.

  • Chuck Ball
    Chuck BallCharityCheckinYear founded: 02/02/2015CharityCheckin transforms your everyday purchases into cash donations for your favorite causes!

    91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one that supports a good cause, given similar price and quality. 34% of consumers use social media to share positive information about companies and issues. (Cone Communications 2013).

    CharityCheckin helps retailers attract more consumers by donating to the user’s favorite charity for every Facebook check-in through our mobile app & the expense is a tax deduction. Charities receive passive revenue driven by their supporters’ retail spending. Users feel proud and know they’ve made a difference by raising money for THEIR personal cause with a simple Facebook check-in using our application

  • Joseph Bates
    Joseph BatesSingular Computing LLCYear founded: 01/01/2005100x more compute per $ and per watt than best alternatives, in an established, programmable computing architecture.

    A new way of using standard silicon chip technology to produce computers that are 100x more efficient the the best alternatives and 1000x more efficient than traditional CPUs. The approach scales from embedded devices (phones, wearables) to data centers. Current customers are in the DoD community. Discussions are in progress with the commercial community, including leading mobile phone and big data companies.

  • Eric Braun
    Eric Braun30hands LearningYear founded: 06/06/2012Digital Storytelling with 30hands Takes Learners from Passive to Active.

    We believe that students learn better and retain more knowledge and skills when working on hands-on projects and activities. 30hands Learning brings hands-on learning to classrooms through our Digital Storytelling apps and our Project-Based Learning approach. Teachers connect students to authentic real-world learning. Students create digital stories to explain what they are learning through multimedia video and to document stories of what they are doing in their projects and other hands-on activities.

    With over 1 million users, 30hands Storyteller is helping kids have more fun learning and retain more of what they are learning.

  • Colin Brauns
    Colin BraunsArdourYear founded: 2015-08-01Find your tribe.

    Discover what the people around you are passionate about, and meet up with the ones you think are cool.

  • Bobbie Carlton
    Bobbie CarltonInnovation WomenYear founded: 01/01/2015New Speaker Bureau provides visibility for entrepreneurial, technical and innovative women

    Speaking engagements are a great way to get visibility for yourself, your company and products. Attending events, especially technical and business conferences, it is very easy to see the lack of diversity on stage. Speakers get access to potential customers, partners and mentors. They also get more funding – another reason to make sure you get to the front of the room.

    Innovation Women connects event managers with innovative, entrepreneurial and technical women, helping them source gender-balanced speaking slates and panels. All too often, we see the all male panel — a lack of diversity is a huge issue at events. Audiences deserve a wide range of viewpoints and opinions.

  • Phil Caruso
    Phil CarusoMini-Mole LLCYear founded: 02/02/2014Mini-Mole LLC Introduces the Mini-Mole Robotic Floor Sweeper

    Mini-Mole LLC is launching the very first automatic floor cleaner that can clean under virtually all household furniture—the Mini-Mole Robotic Floor Sweeper. Mini-Mole is a unique, patents-pending floor cleaner that is user-friendly and operates with only one button.

    At only 1” tall, 4” wide, and 6.75” long, Mini-Mole is smaller in height, width, and length than any other automatic floor cleaner in the market. It can successfully fit under and navigate areas with low ground-clearance such as couches, desks, nightstands, beds, and more. Upward-facing ultrasonic distance sensors allow Mini-Mole to focus underneath furniture, and front bumper collision sensors detect and avoid chair and table legs, large debris, wires, and other objects. Additional pending fall sensors in front of the tires detect stairs and other ledges and prevent it from falling, unlike some of its competitors.

    Mini-Mole is virtually maintenance-free, features a rechargeable battery, cleans all hard floors, and offers users the choice of disposable or washable cleaning pads.

  • Craig Collins
    Craig CollinsForager NetworksYear founded: March 16, 2015Solving the Security, IoT, and Capacity connectivity problem.

    Forager Networks sees a seamless, WiFi/cellular transitions as the future of mobile connectivity. The intelligent offload decision is the most critical part of no-touch, seamless Quality of Experience, (QoE) for the customer/user.  We offer a subscription-based Network Data Analytics Platform for enhanced insight and intelligent utilization of available networks. What this means is: the device will automatically secure a high-throughput connection at the tight time and place. The device will seamlessly traverse cellular and Wi-Fi networks without losing connectivity. Has Mobile onboard intelligence for IoT and devices that seamlessly self-configures, self-optimizes, self-diagnosis and self-heals.

  • Chris Combs
    Chris CombsLinkSquaresYear founded: 04/01/2015Contract Negotiation Reinvented

    LinkSquares is a web application for teams to manage and negotiate contracts instead of outdated, inefficient tools like Microsoft Word, email attachments and scanning.

    LinkSquares save time and reduces legal risk by proving a secure location for a companies legal contract templates and a place to efficiently track all comments, questions, and revisions in a negotiation.

  • Matthew Crowley
    Matthew CrowleyVesperYear founded: 01/01/2015Vesper is the technology leader in reliable high performance microphones for consumer electronics

    Vesper has developed a revolutionary type of MEMS microphone using a piezoelectric transducer element to transform sound into electrical signals. Our microphones are dramatically more reliable than traditional capacitive style microphones and are completely waterproof, dustproof, drop resistant and extremely stable. Microphone reliability failures continue to plague the smartphone and consumer electronics industry and microphone failures are the second leading cause of phone returns. In addition we have a significant performance advantage and will enable new applications such as far field voice capture, audio zoom video recording and beamforming acoustic cameras.

  • Hakim Cunningham
    Hakim CunninghamMyBlockYear founded: May 30, 2015Venture Popup Accelerator

    The economic recession has damaged our communities psychological, financially and creatively. Leaving thousands of storefronts under utilized in low-income neighborhoods of color. How do we slowing get small business entrepreneurs up and running with shared support, risk and reward. The Venture Popup Accelerator platform looks to help residents take back power while supporting the low cost launch of new small businesses while in market test phase. Also providing a needed service to real estate.I am fulfilling a need to property owners who want to support small businesses in local neighborhoods. Also providing a service to entrepreneurs who lack the needed support to launch a brick and mortar operation because of financial concerns and risk

  • Brendan Donoghue
    Brendan DonoghueNonpsecYear founded: 12/04/2013Nonspec is committed to designing, developing, and delivering, a low cost and durable prosthetic for developing nations.

    Our prosthetic device is based on a novel design which significantly reduce the manufacturing cost, enabling mass production. Our skeleton is designed with interchangeable “off the shelf” components that can be assembled into a prosthetic that is the size our patient needs. The ability for the device to grow increases its usable life from 6-8 months to up to 4 years in pediatric cases, further decreasing the burden on families.

  • Marie Duggan
    Marie DugganTechnology For Autism Now, Inc.Year founded: December 31, 2009Improving the lives of children with autism and their families through innovative technology solutions.

    Technology for Autism Now (TAN) is a Boston based non-profit start-up. We have created a tablet based mobile application for the iOS iPad & Android Platforms called AutiKnow that is targeted towards special needs teachers, parents and caregivers of individuals with Autism and Autistics themselves. The application was developed to simplify learning and communication in Autism. AutiKnow has leveraged information technology and advanced data analytics to create a solution that helps individuals across the Autism spectrum more effectively learn and develop the life skills they need to grow up to be functional young adults and beyond. AutiKnow collects a variety of behavioral and learning data from users and applies patent-pending analysis to better understand how users are learning and progressing with the tasks at hand. The data can tell a teacher or school where to focus or direct Individual Education Plan (IEP) creation, and share progress with parents in real time.

  • Christian Dysthe
    Christian DystheVivaldi TechnologiesYear founded: 01/02/2013A Browser for Our Friends

    Vivaldi is an advanced web browser made with the power user in mind.  A browser for ourselves and for our friends. A browser that is fast, but also a browser that is rich in functionality, highly flexible and puts the user first. A browser that is made for you.

    Finally you can surf your way.

  • Ben Edmond
    Ben EdmondConnected2Fiber, LLCYear founded: 01/10/2015Connected2Fiber solves the networking industry's challenges of availability and participation

    C2F is a SaaS platform built to help the network industry improve transparency, availability understanding and participation. The initial software will help fiber operators discover, track, manage and distribute their fiber asset information and enrich that data with unique data sets and processes that improve how companies predictively market their services.

    The platform will grow revenue through better participation reducing missed opportunities and ensuring sales and marketing investments at the right point of the buying process. The platform will over time offer a lens into the overall network marketplace combining unique data sets to better information and improve decisions on procurement and investment.

  • Hannah Freilich
    Hannah FreilichBe Active Together LLCYear founded: 04/30/2013A free app that rewards users for exercising with friends

    Exercise can be very difficult when you lack the motivation to get started and be consistent. These challenges can be alleviated by committing to workout with friends or peers who shares your fitness interests, location, and schedule. Be Active Together is a free fitness app that makes it easy to invite and join friends for a workout. By having the accountability of your peers, you will never miss a workout again! In addition, you’ll be challenged and have more fun!

  • Allison Friedman
    Allison FriedmanRate It Green, LLC (www.rateitgreen.com)Year founded: 11/01/2006Rate It Green works to connect and inform green builders and green building organizations across the globe.

    Rate It Green works to connect and inform green builders and green building organizations across the globe. Through directory listings, client reviews, testimonials, and candid conversations, Rate It Green helps individuals and companies find green building products and services, while also helping product manufacturers and service providers reach new clients. The platform can host any green building company, product, service, individual, conversation and group, in any related category or subcategory. Rate It Green also gives companies a voice, allowing companies to independently join discussions and groups and take informative and leadership opinions.  Individual Membership and Basic Company Listings are FREE of charge.

  • Jim Hanley
    Jim HanleynetBlazr Inc.Year founded: 05/03/2010netBlazr provides affordable, high-speed internet to residences and businesses as an alternative to the

    netBlazr Concierge now provides select residential buildings the fastest internet service in Boston and the surrounding areas. Residents can get symmetrical internet connections above 300 Mbps for less than $60/month.

    We are expanding our Concierge program rapidly throughout the city, and will increase the speeds to 500 Mbps shortly and eventually offer Gigbit per second residential internet in Boston.

  • Mark Hediger
    Mark HedigerMEH Associates, Inc. [ the emerging enterprise - PhauxPhorous ]Year founded: 2005-03-28Drugging the Undruggable - The PhauxPhorous Technology Platform

    PhauxPhorous is poised to deliver a significant increase in the efficiency of putting cancer drug candidates into clinical trials.

    The big challenge is delivering medicines to kill cancers while not harming healthy tissues. Our technology allows us to both reach the tumor more readily and then treat just the cancerous cells more specifically and safely.

    We have taken insights from Nature to design and create a solution to this challenge. With these designed molecules, enhanced routes to clinical successes are enabled. Our approach has a demonstrated record of clinical safety and utility in other types of medicines and bio-products and is uniquely appropriate for creating better chemotherapies. Furthermore, the technology will extrapolate into many other therapeutic areas.

    • Eileen Hing
      Eileen HingZIOS CorporationYear founded: 1999-06-11Cybersecurity Catalysts

      Patented technology in cybersecurity by making computer systems behave like molecules.
      It provides secure transactions for mobile devices.

    • Dan Jackson
      Dan JacksonNuLawLabYear founded: 04/08/2013Interdisciplinary Legal Innovation Laboratory

      The NuLawLab is an innovation laboratory developing new approaches to legal practice and education. Two years of staffed operations at Northeastern University School of Law has resulted in an experimental approach emphasizing deep engagement between multidisciplinary problem-solvers and underserved communities to pioneer creative models for delivering legal services, information, and education. Our ideas have gained international recognition for innovation in the delivery of justice, and our approach has attracted project support from the largest single funder of civil legal aid for low-income Americans. We now seek a corporate partner to establish a public/private partnership that will expand the NuLawLab’s capacity to influence the rapidly transforming market for legal services, provide a platform through which the NuLawLab can market commercially viable innovations derived from our project and research work, and rapidly expand Northeastern University’s ability to educate the next generation of legal inventors.

    • Matt Kaplan
      Matt KaplanQT - Quality TimeYear founded: 06/01/2015On-Demand Video First Dates

      QT aims to make modern dating three-dimensional again. QT offers dating in real time with compatible partners, eliminating the awkward fumbling of text-based courtship. A face-to-face video date enables visible chemistry. Now you can know for sure if there’s a spark.

      We aim to be the resource center for first dates. Dating is all about putting yourself out there and QT is the first modern dating tool where you can via real-time video. We cannot wait to see how our users will use QT and are committed to being transparent about our findings. Some of this valuable data might include; Engagement analysis, suggested conversation starters, time spent on first dates, best times to date in your area, best first date venues etc..

    • Tiffany Kelley Ph.D. MBA RN
      Tiffany Kelley Ph.D. MBA RNNightingale Apps LLCYear founded: June 7, 2013Caring for Nurses and their Patients

      Nurses are responsible for collecting over 50% of the information needed from patients to deliver patient care. The collected information is needed not only by the nurses responsible for their patients’ care each shift, but also by the extended health care team (e.g., physicians, therapists, patients, and families). Despite the increased prevalence of EHRs and other supportive clinical information systems, currently the most sophisticated solution to support nurses in the information they need to delivery quality care is a piece of paper. Know My Patient TM, supports nurses with the patient information needed for care, starting with handoffs and continuing through to the end of their shift for the delivery of high quality care on a mobile device. Nightingale Apps LLC is focused on becoming the market leader in delivering software applications that provide nurses with the information they need to know about their patients through a mobile device. Nightingale Apps focuses on improving the efficiency, safety, timeliness, and patient-centeredness of information needed for the care of hospitalized patients.

    • Jochen Klingelhoefer
      Jochen KlingelhoeferLabMindsYear founded: 09/11/2009LabMinds brings mass customization to liquids - think 3D printing for liquids

      LabMinds brings mass customization to liquids – think 3D printing for liquids. LabMinds focuses on leading edge connected devices that guide the users rather than requiring training to be used by them. The immediate target markets are research laboratories, pharmaceuticals, health & fitness, personalised medicine and pharmacies, but the technology can be adopted to fit markets beyond that: oil & gas, paint & coatings, food & beverage, cosmetics.

      Revo allows researchers to order and customize solutions remotely using its web or mobile interface, and notifies them when the solutions are ready for pickup. It offers unparalleled data integration, traceability and compliance. With full process automation, just-in-time preparation of tailored solutions, and a sophisticated predictive maintenance approach, Revo releases scientific minds from the burden of procedural lab tasks!

    • Bob Leaper
      Bob LeaperPanoVista.co LLCYear founded: March 2, 2015PanoVista.co LLC is passionate about data and analytics, and strive to deliver practical solutions to help financial services executives prepare their business to flourish in the data driven economy.

      PanoVista.co provides strategic planning, vendor selection, and implementation consulting services plus select analytical solutions to help financial services firms move to the next level. The solution portfolio of partners includes: Data Scientist on demand; Big Data technology implementation experts; Data Governance; A Financial Services ready Hadoop packaged deployment; Financial news sentiment analysis; Global Equity Research and Modeling; Fixed Income Attribution; Collateral Management

    • Kevin Loos
      Kevin LoosCrowdComfortYear founded: 08/15/2013Waze for Buildings

      We offer a mobile platform that crowdsources feedback in buildings around maintenance, health, safety, comfort, and IT. We aggregate and deliver this information to building managers who leverage this to drive employee engagement, workplace contentment, accountability, and productivity.

    • Sean Lorenz
      Sean LorenzSenterYear founded: 2015-10-01The smart home begins with a healthy self

      Senter improves chronic care in the home using Internet of Things (IoT) devices and deep learning algorithms. By combining data from smart home and health-related products with smartphone and natural language, Senter will be able to adaptively predict health-related incidents. Population health management requires insight into how our health changes in everyday life; Senter is helping doctors, nurses, patients and loved ones finally get a quantitative look at our bodies the 99.9% of the time we are not in a hospital.

    • Rory MacKean
      Rory MacKeanFranklin RoboticsYear founded: 10/08/2015WeedleBot: A robot that weeds your garden

      Weeding is a challenge for most home gardeners. Existing solutions–chemicals, plastic sheets, organic mulch, or pulling weeds out by hand–all have significant drawbacks. Weeding is a task uniquely suited to a small robot: it’s unpleasant, dirty, repetitive, and requires diligence.

      The WeedleBot is a self-sufficient robot that weeds the home garden. Wandering through the garden, it avoids plants and obstacles, and uses a small weed whacker to keep weeds from taking over. The WeedleBot is solar powered, weatherproof, lives in the garden, and eliminates weeds by starving them of energy through regular cutting.

    • Katie Martell
      Katie MartellCintellYear founded: 10/22/2014Cintell helps B2B organizations better understand their buyers.

      B2B marketers selling to tech companies predict that in 2016, their #1 job responsibility will be understanding buyers – taking priority over items like branding, lead generation, and more. (Source: ITSMA)

      Cintell’s proprietary platform will give a marketer a three-dimensional view of their buyers, combining:

      1. Primary research with buyers (such as persona research and voice of customer surveys)
      2. Big data insights sourced from digital channels (such as social) and third-party aggregators (such as publishers)
      3. Behavioral insights from business systems such as marketing automation and CRM tools

      By combining these three dimensions, marketers, sales teams, product teams, the C-suite and more will be armed with the insight they need to make more relevant, customer-centric decisions.

    • Matthew Mausner
      Matthew MausnerWoxxer, Inc.Year founded: 05/09/2013Surveys that don't suck

      Woxxer is an instant 3-metric evaluation tool & platform for any granular content. It embeds anywhere you can touch or click on a screen, and provides immediately useful & sortable data on real-time human subjective thinking, reactions, and judgment. We offer standalone-widget, SaaS, licensing, app, and integration delivery models for our software. Woxxer helps companies make better decisions quicker, by better capturing their audience’s authentic feedback, thinking & judgments.

    • Lilian Mitchell
      Lilian MitchellRoomzillaYear founded: 03/01/2013Roomzilla is a powerful and lightweight conference room scheduling system. Managed in the cloud, through your browser and with the help of onsite iPads.

      At Roomzilla, we believe that booking a meeting room should be quick and simple. No one should have to manage the rooms in your space. We’ve built a remarkable solution that allows for just that. Roomzilla is a seamless software the blends into your workflow and increases the efficiency of your rooms. Our tool combines a website in harmony with onsite iPad displays to provide real-time access to reservation and availability information. Roomzilla eliminates the stressful logistics and social awkwardness around conference rooms, allowing everyone to relax and focus on what really matters.

    • Andrea Mulligan
      Andrea MulliganSophity LLCYear founded: 07/31/2014Software that builds world-class consulting businesses

      Sophity is building a platform that will support the operations, sales, and development of a growing consulting business. Our first product, which is in beta with real users today, is designed to automate the collection of critical data, such as time spent across multiple projects and tasks, that can be used to produce more accurate invoices and historical data used to produce more realistic estimates for future work.

      Our customers tell us that the average consultant misses between 3-5 hours of billable time per week on his time sheet. Additionally, they tell us that non-billable administrators spend between 4-8 hours each week chasing consultants to get time sheets in. The cost missed time by consultants alone is very high. Improving the accuracy of time tracking will increase revenue for consulting practices by 9-10% through more accurate invoicing and improve estimates in the future. This is an increase they can achieve without selling any more services or hiring more consultants – its simply getting paid for the work they have already done!

    • Murali Nagendranath
      Murali NagendranathWired InformaticsYear founded: 09/19/2013Next Generation Clinical NLP Solution

      80% of healthcare data is unstructured. Unstructured text generated from patient-provider conversations are a gold mine in understanding a patient beyond what was done from a billing point of view. The sad part however is that this rich corpus of data is not leveraged because of the complexity involved in processing. Long term care management, longitudinal health monitoring and precision medicine along with enrichment of patient experience and patient management can only be accomplished by successfully mining and understanding the knowledge contained in unstructured text. Our innovation, Invenio helps healthcare develop powerful solutions both mHealth and enterprise, that leverage the rich insight contained in unstructured data compared to other solutions and products that are not capable of deep data mining.

    • Michael Neece
      Michael NeeceJenytaMarketYear founded: 01/04/2014Coordinating Commerce & Projects Across Networks Of Partners, Customers & Suppliers

      For organizations dissatisfied with the current expensive and inflexible offerings, Jenyta is a new cloud-based solution that coordinates commerce and projects across the multiple-tiers of any value chain or supply chain.

      Unlike competing products such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle or Wrike,
      Jenyta is a market disrupter with the following unique features:
      • Rapidly configured to complex workflows, that change on the fly without programming
      • Synchronizes processes & information across multiple networks of a supply chain or value chain
      • Preserves privacy with embedded workflow rules that adapt to changing conditions
      • Controls process quality and regulatory compliance with task-level and document-level workflow controls

    • Janice Ozguc
      Janice OzgucArtware, Inc.Year founded: 01/16/2013After achieving success with our first app, layrs, Artware takes on a fun, new market space!

      Artware is a company with a unique, proprietary technology that we incorporate into mobile photo apps for different markets. Our technology enabled us to offer our first app, layrs, a true mulit-layer photo editing app for mobile devices. With an intuitive design and rich feature set we have had the good fortune to attract the serious amateur and professional mobile photographers achieving 2.5M downloads and hundreds of thousands of devoted fans. Our design and functionality got the attention of Apple, who showcased us as #1 in New and Noteworthy on the day of launch as well as when we released new versions of layrs. We have also caught the attention of Adobe who has asked us to be part of the Creative Cloud Ecosystem announced just this month at their AdobeMAX conference.

    • Jonathan Perez de Alderete
      Jonathan Perez de AldereteNonspecYear founded: 05/17/2014One device, Millions of patients

      We have developed a low cost prosthetic for the developing world that can be modified to fit any patient. The device allows us to mass produce the limb from injection molded plastic. This gives us a price point several orders of magnitude less expensive than existing devices, while still keeping quality consistent with advanced composite devices.

    • Charles Plaisimond
      Charles PlaisimondCivic HireYear founded: 10/12/2012do good and get hired

      Civic Hire helps identify and train technical talent through the completion of social and public sector projects.

    • Moritz Plassnig
      Moritz PlassnigCodeshipYear founded: 07/11/2011Accelerating Software Development Teams

      Continuous Integration & Delivery

    • Will Pong
      Will PongPong Robotics LLCYear founded: 2015-01-01Robotics for the aging baby boomer

      Four million baby boomers will reach retirement age every year for the next 15 years. The “Silver Tsunami” will place unprecedented demands on families and the healthcare system. We are developing a mobile robotic product capable of helping our aging population maintain their health and quality of life while aging at home.

    • Kalidas Porika
      Kalidas PorikaVirtual Network Element, Inc.Year founded: 07/28/2015Programmable Virtual Gateway/Controller

      Telecom/enterprise networking revenues are deflating. This will force service providers/enterprises to look for efficiencies in their network build and operations. They will build their data centers mimicking Google , FB etc. This will force them to source their HW from white box suppliers and SW to be integrated on their standardized Data Center Operating System. We have scoped out a framework that can be used to create multiple of these products for Telecom/Enterprise domains at a fraction(1/10th) of cost compared to existing vendors. We are architecting the monolithic networking stack from re-usable micro services and a patent-pending meta data approach to generate the service logic from visual call flows.

    • Ric Pratte
      Ric PratteAlignRevenueYear founded: 06/09/2014AlignRevenue helps B2B companies vastly improve their customer-facing remote meetings

      Our product, AlignMeeting, is an interactive online meeting platform–think virtual whiteboard + agile prepared content–that deeply engages customers, fosters productive meetings, and documents the meeting results.  AlignMeeting is targeted towards B2B companies with inside sales organizations and post-sales/implementation teams and management.

    • Frank Qiu
      Frank QiuWorkBenefitsMeYear founded: 10/01/2014WorkBenefits is a benefits & HR Platform for Healthcare brokers to serve Small Businesses & their employees.

      Brokers are losing businesses due to lack of an online platform that could serve the clients on HR and benefit management. Brokers lack the ability to develop a technology platform by themselves. More and more small and medium size businesses are asking for online services that could make their jobs easier by automating the HR and benefit management. Our major value proposition: 1. Enable broker to add significant value to customers. That helps brokers to retain existing customers and acquire new customers. 2. Simplify customer  support by eliminating paperwork processing. 3. Reduce error from repetitive data entries and handwriting recognition.

    • Jason Rivas
      Jason RivasFirmPlayYear founded: 04/01/2014Software-as-a-service solution powering content marketing for HR departments

      Employer branding – content marketing for HR – has become an integral part of the recruiting function in the battle for top talent. However, HR managers lack the proper tools to effectively implement and measure the ROI of employer branding efforts. The opportunity cost is huge, as companies who market their workplace effectively benefit from 50% lower cost to hire and 28% lower employee turnover rate.

      We’re developing a first of its kind software-as-a-service tool to solve this problem. We’re working closely with a consortium of top companies to develop the tool and have secured several early paying customers to participate in our closed beta program.

    • Brian Runnals
      Brian RunnalsPostflyYear founded: 10/01/2013Dollar Shave Club for Fly Fishing

      We send a box of premium, hand tied flies, fly fishing gear, and a kick ass custom sticker to 1000s of subscribers across the globe every month. Our customers choose box types based on the type of fishing they enjoy, and receive flies and samples of Postfly brand consumable products like leader, tippet, fly dressing and more.

    • Michael Sattler
      Michael SattlerSplitzeeYear founded: 10/01/2013Splitzee is a social money company

      20 million U.S. adults play social or recreational sports every year, spending hundreds of millions on league dues, uniforms, equipment, travel, gifts, outings, and more. But the way teams collect and manage those expenses doesn’t work. Splitzee’s web and mobile solution is a robust social payments platform uniquely customized to the needs of sports teams. Rather than competing with established payment systems, Splitzee incorporates them into a seamless end-to-end social solution – with tracking, reminders, and reporting – that saves time and money and reduces social awkwardness for teams and their managers.

    • Joe Schwendt
      Joe SchwendtReferralMobYear founded: 12/01/2014Refer friends to better jobs & earn up to $16,000

      In our knowledge-based economy, workers are changing jobs more frequently than seen in previous generations. And our largest generation, Millennials rely on the insights of their colleagues and friends. By transforming the recruiting industry with our mobile-first, crowdsourced referral platform, ReferralMob delivers hard-to-reach talent at a far lower cost than agencies. It is well documented that referrals are more productive, enjoy longer tenures and are a better source for diversity hires than those hired through other talent channels. We democratize the hiring process by expanding the number of paid referrers beyond the company and agencies to thousands of industry experts and influencers, those in the best position to influence decisions.

    • Pankaj Shroff
      Pankaj ShroffPsychability Inc.Year founded: 06/24/2013Psychability Inc, Accelerating data driven TV and TV+Digital Convergence through audience intelligence

      Psychability brings big data analytics to TV. Psychability’s proven data management technology purpose-built for TV viewing, enables programmers, distributors & advertisers extract the immense untapped value of TV audience data across TV & Digital. We are bringing TV audiences to the digital era.

      Founded in 2013, Psychability is the industry’s first TV audience Data Management Platform (DMP). Psychability has already used its patent pending technology to analyse 100s of millions of TV viewing events, of over 35 million TV households, in top US TV markets. Psychability is proving the market for its technology and for TV data by licensing its DMP technology to programmers, broadcasters and distributors.

    • Harpreet Singh
      Harpreet SinghExperfyYear founded: 03/31/2014Experfy is a consulting marketplace that brings you experts on-demand to solve your pressing big data, analytics and business intelligence problems.

      Harvard-backed Experfy is a Big Data and analytics consulting marketplace. For companies that want to harness the hidden power of their data but don’t possess the required expertise, Experfy’s global marketplace matches them with screened and qualified experts from around the globe to deliver technology and business solutions on demand. Experfy provides advisory services, big data readiness assessments, roadmaps, predictive dashboards, algorithms, and a number of custom solutions for each industry. Experfy currently has 2,000 vetted data scientists and data experts, along with 250 boutique vendors, offering services on its platform.

    • Jeff Smith
      Jeff SmithRiptide Autonomous SolutionsYear founded: 01/12/2015Riptide fields new modular, low cost autonomous undersea vehicle

      Riptide was established to bring new solutions to the unmanned maritime vehicle domain. Riptide’s first Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV) is a small (less than 3 feet / under 20 lbs), low cost yet highly capable vehicle leveraging the latest micro-electronics technology. In September, Riptide ran its first in water mission at a demo sponsored by ONR in Pax River, MD. This UUV, offered at an order of magnitude lower cost than its nearest competitor, opens up the expendable market for these systems and provides researchers with a practical platform for new sensor and behavior development.

    • Charles Stromeyer
      Charles StromeyerAdornoYear founded: 01/15/2012Adorno is the first to integrate eCommerce into digital media, and in a mobile-first and seamless way

      Adorno Magazine is a digital magazine that combines the elegance of high-quality glossy print magazines with the ease of seamless mobile commerce for discovering and shopping multiple different items with a universal shopping cart. A viewer only sees more information or functionality about a product for sale if she chooses to touch this item within a broader visual image, and then our software alters the mobile web page to reveal this additional capability within the magazine article. We focus on offering design and art items for luxury homes and lifestyles.

    • Edwina Tom
      Edwina TomTeaching GarageYear founded: 08/29/2014Design SySTEM, Engineering Curriculum for Ten Different Disciplines for Elementary School Teachers

      Teaching Garage (www.teachinggarage.com) is the creator of Design SySTEM, digital engineering curriculum for elementary school teachers. Design SySTEM serves schools, district leaders, after-school and summer school programs across the nation to lead elementary-aged students through various disciplines of engineering. The ten disciplines of engineering are: Acoustical, Agricultural, Astronautical, Civil, Environmental, Manufacturing, Marine, Mining, Petroleum, and Software.

      Design SySTEM serves elementary school administrators, teachers, and students from grades 2 through 5 with ten units of engineering instruction (42 lessons). The curriculum is scalable to grades 1-6 in an after school setting.

    • Carl Vause
      Carl VauseSoft Robotics Inc.Year founded: 07/01/2013Enabling new markets in robotics and automation

      Soft Robotics is leveraging our novel robotic technology to safely and adaptively interface with a wide range of objects from consumer packaged goods to fresh cut produce. We do this in a way that brings new capabilities to this market, while lowering system complexity and overall systems cost.

    • Slater Victoroff
      Slater VictoroffindicoYear founded: 10/15/2013Near-human text and image analysis

      indico allows businesses to derive deep understanding from text and image data. Today our main focus is on businesses that have product offerings in the marketing and customer support space. Here are a few example use cases:

      Understanding the users interacting with your brand on social media
      Identifying product pain points present in customer support data
      Smart recommendation systems for eCommerce

    • Brennan White
      Brennan WhiteCortexYear founded: 11/01/2014Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

      Our core technology is an artificial intelligence software that continually identifies the factors within marketing content that impact marketing success. It learns over time and grows its database (currently 6.99 Billion pieces of marketing content). On top of that technology we’re rolling out products. Our first, live and in-market today, is a social media strategy and automation software that intelligently creates a custom and optimal strategy and tactics for any business or product doing business on social.

    • Ellis Wong
      Ellis WongIntagora, Inc.Year founded: 2014-08-26Intagora offers a Smart Shelf solution for consumer brands and retailers to boost sales and optimize shopper marketing spend in brick-and-mortar retail channel.

      Intagora offers a Smart Shelf solution to help consumer brands measure shopper marketing campaign success and drive tailored promotions based on customer interactions with the products on retail store shelves.  Through the Intagora platform, each of these triggers can generate a real-time, in-the-moment response from the brand to enrich shoppers’ experience right at the shelf, analogous to an online click-stream experience.  With Intagora, brand managers can leverage the data captured from the smart shelves to optimize marketing campaigns, correlate buyer behavior with marketing spending, and deliver compelling shopper experience.

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